The House

I’ve excelled in the fitness community because I have the ability to make working out fun and applicable to real life. It’s something I know we need to do, so why not make it enjoyable! Here at The House we don’t remind our members to show up, we remind them they need to slow down! This place isn’t motivated from the top, it’s motivated by each individual that walks in these doors.

– Mike Van Tassel, Owner & Founder of The House

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The House

is a community of people using physical activity to become stronger, smarter, and more educated with the way their bodies move and perform. Training at The House takes vulnerability and hard work. It’s an opportunity to practice lessons in a safe and controlled environment. When you train at The House you will be testing your body in different ways daily. We take pride in the fact that this is a safe place for people to come and share where they are and work towards where they want to be. On our walls it reads, “Where fears and insecurities find clarity and purpose.” If you’re looking for programmed workouts, a hard working atmosphere, accountability in the community around you, and an eagerness to progress, you’ve found your next gym.

The Programming

at The House is definitely the meat of the gym. It’s the energy creator, heart opener, and wall breaker. We use our fitness programming to challenge the connection between mind and body and solidify the relationship the two have with progression and change, both in the gym and outside the gym. Every month, week, day, and exercise has been methodically placed to mentally or physically affect you in one way or another. It’s our goal to get people moving once a day and our programming is proof behind that. Each day is placed where it is in the month in order for an individual to attend every day and feel the best when they are done.

The Coaches

lead this community. It is our job to move and inspire. It’s our job to listen and understand. We lead people in the trenches of the physical grind. We set an example – we are the example. We highlight the hard work and time invested. We connect the dots from the inside out. Positivity, love, and gratitude are at the forefront of every workout and this is ultimately what gives this community the motivation to move forward. As a member recently mentioned, “All of you are like the match that made the spark that has now turned into a raging fire within me.”

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We are here to help you. We will also work a little against you. In a way that pushes you to the extreme. To build you up and make you a stronger person, both physically and mentally. If you have hesitations, reach out to us for answers. We swear we’ll be able to convince you to join us.